To prepare your home to look its best in high quality photos:

1. Remove clutter, knickknacks and personal collections from your space.

2. Clear off kitchen and bathroom counter tops; remove all items from showers and   bathtubs.

3. Minimize personal items on shelves, mantles, dressers, night stands and desk tops; ideally all flat surfaces should be clear of items.

4. Make sure all lamps and lights are working. Use warm, soft-white light bulbs (2700-3000K) versus cool "blue cast" light bulbs (5000-6500K) also known as daylight bulbs.  Ensure all bulbs are of the same type.

5. Keep outside areas clutter-free, especially decks, patios and porches. 

6. Thoroughly clean as much as possible, especially all mirrors and windows (even chandeliers) as it will appear better in photos.

7. Remove posters and banners in bedrooms.

8. Neutral paint colors in a house show better.

9. If you're able, stage all rooms. Empty rooms do not photograph well and it's better to stage a room with simple furnishings, rather than to leave it empty.

10.  When it comes to furnishing a room, less can be more.  Overcrowding a room with too much furniture can make it appear smaller in photos.  

11. Furniture should be arranged to allow easy flow of entry and not block a normal walkway/path. 


At the time of the photo shoot:

1. Please keep pets out of the house

2. Arrange to have all people out of the home. Fewer people in (and outside) the house the better the photoshoot.

3. If you have a gas fireplace, turn it on prior to the photoshoot.

4. Turn on all the lights, inside and out

5. Turn off ceiling fans

6. Stow away TV & stereo remotes in a drawer

7. Water hoses should be out of view

8. Remove cars from the driveway or directly in front of the home

9. Place garbage cans out of view or in the garage

10. Place all toys away or in storage.

11. Pet cages and pet beds should be placed in storage or out of view